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Warranty Finder

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Your vehicle is an investment, not just your transportation. What happens if that vehicle has an unexpected breakdown? Who will cover the costs to fix it?

Depending on the type of breakdown, it can be very costly to repair. That’s where an extended warranty comes in…depending on your level of cover, it may cover you for a lot or a little.

We offer warranty for any budget, any type of vehicle, any age and with any mileage and with our years of experience, we can offer you multiple warranty options to choose from.

At CoverU, we have over 30 levels of warranty cover available through 5 different providers, giving you not only choice but value for money.

“An extended warranty is a prolonged warranty offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty that comes with all new cars.” Extended warranty insurance provides an additional layer of protection beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty.

There is a range of extended warranty products available for you to choose from when you buy a car. Some products give you the option of extending your car’s original manufacturer’s warranty; while, others give limited cover of your vehicle’s major components for an extended period of time / mileage.

An extended warranty can extend the manufacturer’s original warranty. The continual motion of the mechanical parts of a car, such as an engine, transmission, and electrical panel can cause failures, and they are very costly to replace. By purchasing an extended warranty, you will not have to fork out large sums of money from any unexpected repair costs that may arise after the initial purchase of your vehicle.

By purchasing an extended car insurance, you will not have to fork out large sums of money from any unexpected repair costs that may arise after the initial purchase of your vehicle.

There are several important factors to consider before making a decision about what type of extended warranty you need to purchase:

  • The manufacturer’s new car warranty needs to expire before the extended warranty kicks in.
  • Your vehicle’s components will likely start giving problems a few years after the purchase date. Our data shows that most modern cars remain trouble-free for a few years after the expiration of the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Extended warranties only offer limited cover for certain mechanical parts. Some products have long lists of components that are excluded from the cover. It is important to make sure you understand what is included and what is excluded from the cover. Research is starting to show that a transmission or engine failure is no longer likely. These components are now more reliable than ever. However, the computer controls in modern cars are not so reliable. A single failed ‘Control Computer’ can cost $ ’000’s to replace.
  • Read the fine print – all extended warranties typically have many exceptions that can be found at the end of the policy document. Make sure you understand the exceptions otherwise the provider will use these exceptions to deny your claim.
  • Your investment is protected when purchasing an extended warranty.  It will give you peace of mind knowing that your car is covered for a wide range of mechanical and electrical faults with no excess to be paid.
  • There are always options to pay for high or low mileage cover If you don’t drive many kilometers per year, then it is best to go for a low mileage cover, and vice versa.
  • Most extended warranty plans offer the options of making a single upfront payment or of paying the cost of the warranty in easy monthly instalments.
  • Win-win if you decide to sell.Sell privately with a transferable warranty – and great resale value or receive a pro-rata refund for your remaining cover.

Finally …
There is a lot to consider when deciding on whether to take out an extended warranty insurance for your car. It is important to ask questions, verify the options available to you and make sure that the cost you pay is reasonable for the level of protection you need for your new car.

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